Fuller’s Griffin Brewery

Based at the historic Griffin Brewery in Chiswick, between the serenity of the River Thames and the hustle and bustle of the Hogarth Roundabout, Fuller’s has been brewing quality beers and running excellent pubs since 1845. At the heart of everything they do, you will find quality, service and pride – in equal measure. The primary aim to brew the best beers and run the best pubs. They proudly hold the title of London’s only remaining traditional family brewer.

London Pride

Draught Beer (30L steel-keg)

330ml /500ml  4.7%    a.b.v.

“Sensation of angels dancing on the tongue.” Smooth, astonishingly complex beer, with a distinctive malty base. Richly balanced with well-developed hop flavours from the target, challenger and north down varieties in the brew.

Organic Honey Dew

Draught Beer (30L steel-keg)

500ml   5% a.b.v.

UK’s best selling organic beer. Light and golden with a zesty edge and a bitter-sweet flavour, Honey Dew is a naturally palatable brew that is Soil Association certified as 100% organic.


Draught Beer (30L steel-keg)

330ml/ 500ml   5.9% a.b.v.

Not only was it one of the strongest regularly brewed draught beers in the country, it was also one of the tastiest, and as the awareness of the beer grew, so did its popularity. ESB’s reputation was enhanced after being named CAMRA’s (Campaign for Real Ale).

India Pale Ale

Draught Beer (30L steel-keg)

330ml/ 500ml     5.3% a.b.v.

A classic version of a historic style of ale, pale amber in colour and well hopped to leave a pleasant and distinctive bitterness lingering in the aftertaste.

London Porter

500ml    5.4% a.b.v.

London Porter perfectly captures the flavours of the classic style of brews, although you won’t find a cloudy pint these days! Smooth, rich and strong, London Porter is brewed from a blend of Brown, Crystal and Chocolate malts for a creamy balance delivered by traditional Fuggles hops.


500ml     6.3% a.b.v.

Roger Protz, beer writer and critic, describes 1845 as “a rich beer with a fruit cake aroma, spices and nutmeg from malt and hops resulting in a dry, fruity finish”. It is also bottle conditioned, which means it is a live beer that continues to ferment in bottle.

Black Cab Stout

Draught Beer (30L steel-keg)

500ml     4.2% a.b.v.

A light stout with aromas of dark chocolate, vanilla and roasted malts. Soft-carbonation with a slight biscuit sweetness and easy-drinkability leading to a smooth finish with touch of bitterness.

Fuller’s Vintage Ale

500ml  8.5% a.b.v.

Vintage Ale is brewed in limited batches with each bottle being numbered. It can be enjoyed immediately or, as Fuller’s recommends, letting the beer lay down then enjoying when it peaks after 3 to 4 years of laying down and consuming at cellar temperature.

Fuller’s Imperial Stout

500ml   10.7% a.b.v.

This limited edition Imperial Stout has been specially created as a single brew. In a unique addition to the historic recipe, the floral character of the Centennial hops is enhanced by the inclusion of rose buds, lending a hint of Turkish delight flavour to the beer.

Fuller’s Imperial IPA

500ml   10.5% a.b.v.

Imperial IPA is a new style for Fuller’s, pushing the boundaries of making high alcohol beer with lots of hop character. Used traditional brewing ingredients, 90% malted barley, 10% crystal malt but also used some brewing sugar to make it up to 10.5% ABV. Goldings and Fuggles hops are used – all traditional UK varieties to deliver high bitterness (>60BUs) and give a resinous, piney, earthy aroma.

Wells and Young’s Brewing Company is the epitome of all-rounded business excellence, demonstrating sustained growth for its beers and stock lists whilst combining traditional family values with innovation and development. Firmly placed as the UK’s largest private brewing company, it is fiercely independent, and with an enviable portfolio of some of the UK’s most loved cask beers and specialty lager brands.

Double Chocolate Stout

330ml/ 500ml    5.2% a.b.v.

Chocolate malt and real dark chocolate are combined with Young’s award winning rich, full flavoured dark beer to craft a satisfyingly indulgent, but never overly sweet experience.

Banana Bread Beer

330ml/ 500ml   5.2% a.b.v.

Tempting banoffee aromas tempered by a grassy, lemony nose, all leading to a finely balanced, fresh, delicate flavour of peppery hops with a lingering dry finish.

Bombardier English Ale

500ml   5.2% a.b.v.

“A burnished copper colour, it has a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins, while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit, juicy malt and tangy hops.” -Roger Protz, Editor, The Good Beer Guide

Special London Ale

500ml   6.4% a.b.v.

Bronze in colour with a rich, malty, orangey hop aroma. Smooth, rich and malty on the palate, it has a fine, tangy hop flavour with orange marmalade notes. Dry, long-lasting finish of smokey, orangey Golding hops.

Black Sheep Brewery

Situated at the gateway to Wensleydale, Masham is the home of the Black Sheep Brewery.

It is almost impossible to believe that The Black Sheep Brewery is only 16 years old. In fact it was in October 1992 when their beers first made an appearance in pubs in and around the Yorkshire Dales. The delivery of those first casks of beer all those years ago began a new era for Paul Theakston, whose family has brewed in Masham for six generations.

Black Sheep Ale

500ml   4.4% a.b.v.

Golden Copper in colour, with sweet, yeasty aromas and drying, hoppy flavours, with a crisp and clean finish. An approachable and traditional style ale with appeal for ale fans and non-fans alike.

Riggwelter Ale

500ml   5.7% a.b.v.

With its distinctive roast malt, Golding hops and banana fruit aromas, Riggwelter has a strong and refreshingly dry finish of hops and roasted barley malt.

Monty Python’s Holy Grail

500ml   4.7% a.b.v.

Light amber in colour with aromas of fruit, malt and caramel. Balanced flavour with a slight touch of lingering bitterness. A truly intriguing ale.

The St. Peter’s brewery is nestled in Suffolk amongst a group of villages known as the “The Saints”, as they take their names The brewery at St. Peter’s is housed in listed former agricultural buildings which were last used in the late 60s. They then became derelict but offered a superb site both for a working brewery and a visitors’ attraction.

St. Peter’s Suffolk Gold

500ml   4.9% a.b.v.

This premium beer is brewed with Suffolk malt to produce a full-bodied golden ale with hints of citrus. First Gold hops provide the pleasing and lasting hop aroma and bitterness for this pleasantly sweet, but dry beer.

St. Peter’s Fruit Beer – Citrus fruit

500ml    4.7% a.b.v.

Awarded a bronze medal at the 30th Annual Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court, London, in the Specialty Beers category. Grapefruit Beer is fabulously refreshing with a zesty edge and makes an ideal aperitif on a summer evening.

This is a superbly refreshing, straw coloured beer. English Pale malts combined with Challenger and Goldings hops provide a slight
bitterness, followed by a distinct zesty and pithy grapefruit aroma that leads to a pleasing citrus flavour in the mouth.