Duvel-Moortgat Brewery








Vedett Extra Blond

The little brother of Duvel, brewed at the Moortgat brewery, this is a pale gold beer that retains its thin, white head to the bottom of the glass. There’s a little clove-like, spicy, wheat beer aroma, but otherwise it is fresh lemon and some crunch apple fruit that dominates, with a higher note of hoppiness kicking in. 

30L steel-keg

A.B.V.: 5.2%







Vedett Extra White

Vedett Extra White is refreshing, surprisingly crisp and punctuated with a tantalizing orange and lemon-like zest, that is rounded with a mildly bitter taste and dry finish. Only carefully selected and fully naturally grown ingredients are used in the brewing process. 

30L steel-keg

A.B.V.: 4.7%