For all German beer fans in Hong Kong:

Höss: Neuschwansteiner – das Echte, is coming (VERY SOON) to a tap near you. Stay tuned for more info!











Höss Neushwansteiner – Das Echte! (500ml, 4.7%a.b.v.)

A Pale Lager made following the Bavarian Beer Purity laws (or Reinheitsgebot), using the best ingredients and no chemical preservatives. Well-rounded and harmonious in taste and a classic Allgäu beer specialty. Brewed entirely in the spirit of the fairytale King Ludwig II of Bavaria, it is truly a royal pleasure. 

Enjoy a taste of tradition with a modern spin with the special Menabrea menu at Osteria Ristorante Italiano.

Limited seats remaining, book yours now!

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