Zafferano Glassware

Designed and patented by Federico de Majo, the Zafferano “Espierenze” glasses combine visual sophistication and technical design in perfect balance. Fashioned from crystal glass, high quality is selected with particular care for wine appreciators, guaranteeing longterm clarity and durability to bring the most out of your wine and glass. The patented rippled bowl is designed to increase surface area allowing for more oxygen to contact with the wine, in order to develop the flavors and sensations to their fullest. Used as the official wine tasting classes of Vinitaly 2012.


Tumbler Esperienze


01 Tumbler Esperienze



Nuove Esperienze Bianco


02 Nuove Esperienze Bianco



Nuove Esperienze Rosso


03 Nuove Esperienze Rosso



Nuove Esperienze Flute


04 Nuove Esperienze Flute



Calice Esperienze Tulip (Handcrafted crystal)


05 Calice Esperienze Tulip