Mendocino Brewing Company is internationally renowned as a brewer of full-flavored, traditional ales. The company was established in 1983 as California’s first Brewpub at Hopland and is recognized as a pioneer in the American Craft Brewing renaissance. They have two state-of-the-art breweries, one at Ukiah, 110 miles north of San Francisco and the other at Saratoga Springs, NY.

Eye of the Hawk

Smooth, robust and crisp. It has a complex finish with substantial body and character. Some might call it the Harley-Davidson of American beers.

355ml x 24 bottles   8% a.b.v. 

Price: $0.00

White Hawk India Pale Ale

A rich distinctive hop character and bold malt flavour with a unique aroma, a clean finish. American West Coast Cascade Hops with a very generous dose of English Fuggle Hops are blended resulting in a very aromatic character.

355ml x 24 bottles    7%   a.b.v. 

Price: $0.00

Blue Heron Pale Ale

A distinctively clean taste and a fresh hoppy finish. It is brewed using premium two-row Pale malted barley, generous amounts of both Cluster bittering hops and Cascade finishing hops, and the brewery’s special proprietary yeast strain.

355ml x 24 bottles    6.1%   a.b.v. 

Price: $0.00

Red Tail Ale

The Legend is the flagship brand. It is brewed in the traditional “old world” manner, using premium two-row malted barley, hops and the brewery’s own special proprietary yeast strain. It is an amber ale with a rich complex refreshing flavour and a crisp dry finish. Red Tail Ale is “Bottle Conditioned” and like many good wines, this ale is a perfect complement to fine dining.

355ml x 24 bottles   6.1%   a.b.v.

Price: $0.00