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As the hyphenated name suggests, Emilia-Romagna includes two distinct areas with Bologna, the region’s capital, marking more or less the dividing line. Emilia, with its prosperous provinces lined along its ancient Roman-built Via Emilia, occupies the western sector, while Romagna lies to the east of Bologna and stretches all the way to the Adriatic Sea, the historic town of Ravenna and the well-known resort of Rimini.
The strongly individual characteristics of Emilia-Romagna wines make them northern Italy’s most eccentric. They are different, on the whole, from the wines of their neighbors.
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 The best Emilian wine is perhaps Lambrusco, a sparkling, joyous red made from grapes grown on high trellised vines in four DOC zones in the Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma provinces. Lambrusco is made for consumption within the year and very few consumers abroad have tasted the wine in its authentic dry style. Most exported Lambrusco is sweet and ‘amabile’. Though both types count in historical traditions, the dry variety is considered the best match for the area’s rich cuisine. 


Otello Ceci, a well-known innkeeper of the Parma lowlands, had the luck to discover an authentic rare product that only his land could give him: Lambrusco.
“We have been devoting ourselves to our Emilian wine for three generations. After a great deal of hard work and a lot of enthusiasm we are very proud, so much so that our love for this fantastic world will accompany us forever…”

Cantine Ceci, I.G.T. Emilia, Nero di Lambrusco “Otello”

semi-sparkling red 

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