Mont-Blanc Blonde is brewed by Sylvain and his team at Brasserie du Mont-Blanc, in Les Houches adjacent to Chamonix high up in the French Alps. The brewery has a long history with the first beers  being produced in 1850. Like all high quality beers the key to great characteristics is ingredients. At the centre of this is the water. In the case of Brasserie du Mont-Blanc, the water is from alpine glaciers harvested at the source of the Enchapeuze at an altitude of 2074m. Along with purity enhanced from being sourced at a high altitude, a low mineral content makes it ideal for brewing.
The region surrounding Brasserie du Mont-Blanc has (over the years) produced many beers over the last century with eight breweries operating at the peak. Hops were cultivated in the nearby region of Bonneville which along pure water from favoured Alp sites of Annemasse, Bonneville, Sallanches and Chamonix produced an array of beverages for the region. In Chamonix for example, the Brasserie des Frères Coutets was in operation for several decades, using ice from the Mer de glace to cool and control
the beer fermentation process.
Today it is Sylvain and his Brasserie du Mont-Blanc team have revived these traditions and brew their range of beer using this purest of water, ingredients and tradition.

La Blonde Mont Blanc

Rich and warm, Blonde du Mont-Blanc is a speciality beer, to be savoured with meals or in the evening and whenever you so desire. Its taste is unique with a persuasive sweetness that is both delicate and distinct. The sweetness is well balanced to the sophisticated palette preventing the cloyingness that can often accompany sweet drinks.

330ml x 24 bottles   5.8% a.b.v.
750ml x 9 bottles   5.8% a.b.v. 


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La Blanche Mont Blanc

A specialty wheat beer from Mont Blanc. Refreshing and light, but also endowed with an authentic taste. Aromas of citrus and coriander with an astonishing long finish and a fruity, easy-drinking character, that in turn allow for cheerful indulgence.
Winner of the Bronze Beer medal at the Concours General Agricole in 2011.

330ml x 24 bottles   4.7% a.b.v.
750ml x 9 bottles   4.7% a.b.v.


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